Enterprise M2M Use Cases: #1 Corporate Customer Fleet Management New M2M Order Provisioning

GSMA Official Document 12FAST.13 – Embedded SIM Remote Provisioning Architecture published in December 2013 provides a technical specification to enable the remote provisioning and management of Embedded SIMs to allow the “over the air” provisioning of an initial operator subscription and the subsequent change of subscription from one operator to another.  The technical specification includes technical use cases for the provisioning of the Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card.  The following are worked examples of business use cases for M2M provisioning.

Use Case #1: Corporate Customer Fleet Management New Order

Pamela, the purchasing manager of City Deliveries purchases a number of M2M enabled vehicles for their company’s fleet.  The new vehicles include an embedded SIM provisioned to Mobile Network Operator A.

Pamela is happy as MNO A is there existing network operator and enters into a subscription with MNO A for the M2M enabled vehicle devices.

Use case flow:

  1. MNO A initiates the provisioning of a number of devices included in City Deliveries subscription
  2. MNO A already use Subscription Manager Secure Routing (SM- SR) to which the eUICC is registered and hence the SM-SR does not need changing.
  3. The MNO Profile is downloaded and installed to the eUICC by the SM-SD.  The ISD-P created in eUICC for MNO, containing profile in disabled state, SM- SR updated EIS.
  4. Target profile is enabled on the eUICC. As this is a new eUICC on the first MNO then no previously enabled profile requires disabling.
  5. MNO A activates the subscription

More detail is provided by the macro procedures 1, 2 & 3  in GSMA Official Document 12FAST.13 – Embedded SIM Remote Provisioning Architecture 

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