Embedded SIM SM-DP & SM-SR

The GSMA has united the mobile operators and SIM suppliers behind a single Embedded SIM specification to avoid costly, fragmented & incompatible technical solutions and help accelerate the M2M market.  In order to support M2M use cases with no human intervention and to facilitate the secure over the air installation of mobile operator credentials into a SIM, two new key network elements have been specified by the GSMA:

Subscription Manager Data Preparation (SM-DP):

  • Role that securely creates and encrypts operator Profiles and then securely installs them into the eUICC
  • The SM-DP securely packages profiles to be provisioned on the eUICC. The SM-DP manages the installation of these profiles onto the eUICC
  • The Profile Enabling procedure between the MNO and the SM-DP is used to enable a Profile previously downloaded and installed on an eUICC. The procedure is initiated by the MNO owning the Profile to be enabled.

Subscription Manager Secure Routing (SM-SR)

  • Role that which enables secure download, enablement, disablement and deletion of Profiles on the eUICC
  • The SM-SR ensures the secure transport of both eUICC platform and eUICC profile management commands in order to load, enable, disable and delete profiles on the eUICC

Certificates & Credentials:

  • The Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC) Certificate is issued by the eUICC Manufacturer for a specific individual eUICC and is certified by the eUICC Manufacturer Certificate which are issued to a GSMA accredited eUICC Manufacturer.  The eUICC Certificate enables eUICC authentication and certification to other entities; the authenticated key set establishment between a SM-DP and an eUICC and authenticated key set establishment between a SM-SR and an eUICC
  • Download and installation are protected by Profile Installer Credentials shared between the SM-DP and the Issuer Security Domain Profile
  • The architecture of the eUICC and its remote Provisioning system complies with the requirements of 3GPP TS 21.133 [21133] “3G Security, Security Threats and Requirements”

1 thought on “Embedded SIM SM-DP & SM-SR”

  1. Very good question, I was expecting more cloud SM-DP & SR providers to be on the market by now. I think this is because the MNOs are not interested and the main vendors don’t have cloud solutions. IMHO the SIM manufacturers are the most likely leads in this area.

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