About Me

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog.

I’m am a Chief IT Architect interested in philosophy, Jamaica jokes, travel, programming and cricket. I learn by sharing so I my blog is always about things I’m trying to understand. One of the main roles of an IT architect is to parse vast amounts of new technologies and to understand their relative benefits. This requires an open mind and a determination not to categorise the new in the boxes of the old. Also choose your specialism, which in this blog is telecommunications related. Remember that you can’t know everything so do not let all the new APIs drive you crazy.

I am currently the Chief IT Architect at the one of the world’s largest biomedical research centres. Previously I was the 5G IT architect for the UK’s largest mobile operator. I started my career as a Java developer with BEA Systems working on the Weblogic Application Server product line. I have worked in Finance (Barclays Capital & Bupa Insurance) or Telcos including: Telefonica, o2 UK, T-Mobile UK, UPC NL, UPC Austria, UPC Global, QWest USA, Vodafone Group, Vodafone UK, Vodacom South Africa, Vodafone India, BT & EE.

I’ve worked on a lot of “digital transformation” projects (as opposed to static analogues!). For posterity these include the UK’s first 5G network for BT & EE, the UK’s Emergency Services Network also for EE, the global 20 territory roll-out of Vodafone’s global digital platforms, Europe’s first IP-TV platform for Liberty Global, Bupa’s digital insurance transformation, and Barclay Capital’s digital platform architecture. On these jobs I ‘ve normally been either, or sometimes both, a chief enterprise architect, or programme manager.

I am a also regular conference speaker (a lot of stuff for TMForum) and blogger (apicrazy.com). I am both a Google Cloud Platform and AWS Professional certified architect.

If you want to know more, just want to chat or get some advice, or are even looking to hire an enterprise architect for your project then please reach out.

Thx, Charles

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