Zepp Sensor for Golf and Tennis: An Example of a Good App Strategy

People who know mzepp unite know that I am equally bad at both golf and tennis.

Because I’m keen on gadgets (and excuse all purchases as research into the internet of things), I had to purchase the new Zepp Golf sensor. The golf sensor attaches to the back of my golf glove and tracks my slow slices and off tempo hooks. I then purchased the tennis adapter which fits to the bottom of my tennis rack to track my off tempo serves and my slow sliced backhands.

What I find most interesting is how the sensor can be used for multiple sports. According to Zepp’s own documentation it is simple to swap between sports:

Your sensor will work with all 3 Zepp Sports Apps: Baseball, Tennis, and Golf. Simply download the mobile app of choice and attach the sensor to the appropriate racket, bat, or golf mount. To use the sensor for a different sport, connect your sensor to your mobile device and open the sport app of your choice. The app will ask you if you wish to change the sensor to the new sport mode. Select OK to begin change process

I really like this simplicity. Just download the app for the sport you’re going to play to the device or devices you use. I could imagine other firms over engineering the mobile applications so that they all linked to a single user account and a single self service operation would provision each individual sport.

Zepp’s model works well because the user just downloads what they need and can then work on cranking up the power of their forehands. Just wish mine would sometimes go in.

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